Oh Canada… how I miss thee so!


Things I miss in Canada:

  1. My boyfriend, dog, family and friends
  2. The comforts of my apartment
  3. Customer service
  4. Side walks
  5. Sewage system
  6. Toilets WITH toilet paper and soap available everywhere
  7. Minimal crazy drivers on the road
  8. Power, internet and water rarely ever turning off
  9. Fast food (tim’s, mcdonalds, starbucks, subway, A&W, etc.)
  10. Delivery pizza
  11. Canadian laws and enforcement (against pologomy, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc.)
  12. Healthy, fed and well looked after house dogs
  13. Safe tap water
  14. 24/7 buses and the subway
  15. Reasonably priced grocery stores, or grocery stores period
  16. 3G internet
  17. Being able to roam freely without having men constantly hit on me and begging my friendship

One thought on “Oh Canada… how I miss thee so!

  1. I would die without Timmies and Starbucks. To tell you the truth, that’s the main reason I didn’t want to teach abroad. Hahaha jokes! But it would be a tough thing to leave behind!

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