My ‘Vacation’ Weekend in Ghana


I spent the long weekend (Monday was republican day in Ghana) in a beautiful lodge near Takoradi. I have never been on a vacation, been in the ocean or seen a sand crab for that matter. Upon reaching the beach I was startled by all the holes in the sand and the little critters crawling out of them (sand crabs).

Sand Crab

While swimming in the ocean I realized exactly why it is called salt water, because the water is extremely salty, yuck!  I spent 2 nights in a charming Eco-hut, which means there is no hot water, an outdoor shower, no electricity (except for at night when they turn on the generator), and no flushing toilet. I ate like a queen, went canoeing with some fellow Canadians and played with some children in a local village. I also went to see the football (soccer) match between Italy and Spain in a local village.  This game was shown in what looked like a barn on a 20 something inch tv with 50-75 locals all crowded and yelling in the hot room. It was quite the ‘global experience.’ It was definitely nice to get away from busy Accra to relax and unwind for a weekend.  Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean for the first time was amazing.  More and more I am realizing how privileged we are as Canadians, but how privileged Ghanaians are with all their beautiful landscapes and simple stress free way of life.

Fresh lobster
Myself and some children in their village
Village children playing jump rope

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