Long Weekend Chimelong Park

It’s the end of the long weekend… seems so short! I met up with my friend and his cousins and since his cousins wanted to go to the amusement park, we went to Chimelong Water Park. This park is separated into 3 separate parks: Amusement Park, Safari Park and Water Park. We were supposed to go to the Amusement park on Friday but we weren’t able to because it rained that day. It actually rained the whole weekend! But that didn’t stop us from going to the water park on Saturday. The rain would start and stop, and it really didn’t matter much since we were going to get wet anyway so that didn’t really affect us much. The only thing that made it unbearable was the wind! Since we were already wet, it was really cold. Other than that, the park was average. I thought it would be really fun because I’ve heard a lot of good comments about the park. The bottom line, I think the Wild Water Kingdom is better!

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