Cheesecake Town

It’s the start of the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend today! So my coworker and I decided to get a manicure. We went to eat dinner first after work then walked to the nail salon where she usually get her nails done. But once we got there… they were all busy so we weren’t able to do our nails. If we wanted to wait, we would need to wait 1.5h! So we went to the place where I get my nails done. Usually they have 3 people working… but for some reason there was only 1! I’m so puzzled why there are so many people getting their nails done!!! Is it because its raining? So that’s why people decide to do their nails? Anyway, while we were walking to the bus stop, we happen to walk by a cake store called Cheesecake Town. According to my coworker, this place has really good cheesecake, so I bought one home with me! I bought a mango mousse cake, the design of the cake look so cute! I couldn’t help but buy this one! It taste really good too!

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