My First Week In Seoul

Seoul! The city that never sleeps. Neon lights up the streets along with the hustle and bustle of people and scooters. However, I live at Kookmin University where the campus is very spacious and the surrounding area is quiet at night (most places close at 9pm). The scenery is my favorite part of Seoul. My university is located right beside a mountain so it is quite the view.

Mountains overlooking Kookmin University


South Korea follows tradition even in this modern age. People always greet each other and say thank you without fail. Yes, Koreans are as kind as Canadians. Also, Koreans dress very well. I’ve played soccer games with students wearing jeans and khakis! Furthermore, food is a big part of the culture in Korea. Kimchi is had with almost every meal and manners are very important. I am just glad that Korean culture allows you to use spoons to eat rice!

Kookmin students playing soccer… in jeans!


Korea is a developed country which is booming economically. South Korea has connections with the U.S and other developed countries. They have excellent housing facilities, affordable yet delicious restaurants, and one of the best transportation systems in the world. This makes living in South Korea like living back in Toronto minus the cultural differences. This first week has been hectic! But now that I am settled in I’m sure there will be more great experiences.

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