Landed in Panama, both feet on the Ground!

Okay, so no one likes 4:30am. No one. But in this case I didn’t mind all too much…I’m going to Panama!!! And even though I’d forgotten to set my alarm clock (I finished packing at 2am and was leaving for the airport at 4:45am), my mom and sister, who’d come down from Belleville to see me off, substituted for my alarm quite nicely, making sure I was up and semi-conscious at the inappropriate hour of 4:30am.

Unfortunately, I learned that those who are prone to car sickness are indeed prone to plane sickness. But several attempts at naps and some well-timed provisions of gingerale kept any…unfortunate incidents…from occurring.

We left Toronto in a chilly rainstorm, we landed in sunshine and 37 degree (Celsius) weather. Humidity was so thick when the airport doors opened to the car pickup area that I felt I had jumped into a swimming pool! Even though this is supposed to be Panama’s rainy season…no rain in sight! It’s pretty awesome.

I was picked up from the airport by my coworkers from Centennial College’s Recruitment office here in Panama City, and we went straight from the airport to the office! They were holding an information seminar for students who were going to be coming to Centennial to learn English. They had me stand in front of them all and introduce myself. I spoke English and my coworkers translated for me. I’m quickly realizing that I’ve REALLY got to brush up on my Spanish!

Me, beside a Mural of the office tower that Centennial’s Recruitment Office is located in, Las Torres de las Americas.

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