Things I Learned in Ghana… Day 6

Things I learned in Ghana in my first 6 days of being here…

Sometimes people will give you the wrong directions. I have found that the people that give you the right directions will usually tell you landmarks to look out for to know that you are going the right way.

You should not use irons that look older then you are, they will ruin your clothes (SEE PHOTO BELOW).

Even though you don’t see any mosquitoes, you should still wear bug repellent. They are there and ready to make a meal out of you (I have a leg full of bites to prove it).

Men pee in the streets regardless if women are walking by… no shame whatsoever!

There are almost no sidewalks here (SEE PHOTO BELOW), therefore you need to be alert anytime you are walking in the street, cars and bikes will come close to hitting you.

If you buy locally grown food you will save a ton of money (bananas are my new favourite food). Breakfast, lunch and dinner, yes please!

When trying to get a taxi, it is normal for taxi drivers to quote you at least double the price for a ride just because you are a foreigner. Be sure to ask locals the prices of rides to where you want to go first and negotiate with the drivers.

Ghanaians can be extremely friendly and helpful.

Don’t be alarmed when you see small animals living in the streets, I equate them to the Canadian squirl (SEE PHOTO BELOW).

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